File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: release 2.0.3

Change Log

 * Update character frequency information used by myspell, and copy a
   few AFF lines from the OOo spell-checking package.
 * Updated nb frequency information for words with zero as their
   frequency value based on info received from Kevin Patrick Scannell
   and the An Crúbadán project.  This added 583 words to the nb spell
 * Rewrite myspell build rules to use the tools from the myspell
   package. Now uses 'munch' the full list of nb and nn words to
   generate the dictionary files and 'ispellaff2myspell' from the
   myspell package instead of the home grown '' to
   convert the affix file to myspell format.
 * Correct aspell build rules to make sure the {nb,nn}.dat files are
 * Try to optimize the ispell build rules by moving more filtering
   into sed.
 * Use makefile variables for most word separator filtering, to make
   it easier to switch separator character in the future.
 * Added several new words in the nb thesaurus extracted from the free
   nb word database. being compiled on <URL:>.
 * Comment out altstringchar rules for iso246 in and, as it confuses munchfile in ispell 3.3.02.

 * New words
   - Alexandras (nb,nn).
   - regional-departement (nb), regional-departementet (nb) and
     regional-departementets (nb).
   - fast-lege (nb,nn), fast-legen (nb,nn), fast-legens (nb).
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