File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.24

Release Notes

The most important changes are:
  * bugfix: the translated documents were not generated in some circumstances.
  * new: po4a now has a splitted mode allowing to split the strings of each
         document in a specific POT file. This will ease the collaboration
         between several contributors on a project. Check po4a(1).
  * new: some recommandations for the maintainers (README.maintainers).
  * new: new translations...but incomplete. Feel free to send us updates.
  * and other improvements or bug fixes for the Man, Pod, Sgml and TeX modules.

Change Log

po4a (0.24-1) unstable; urgency=low

  [Nicolas François]
  * Preserve more entities. It was already the case for entities ending by a
    semi-colon, but they were expended in entities not terminated by a
    semi-colon (e.g. id="&url-debian-volatile").
  * Add the docbook docinfo tag, and remove duplicate refsect1 tag.
  * Add a post-translation filter, which converts non breaking spaces (0xA0 in
    latin1) to the   entity.
  * use File::Copy::move instead of rename (the POT/POs were not written when
    /tmp and the file were not in the same device.
    Thanks to Valéry Perrin and Thomas Huriaux. Closes: 354330
  * make filter() less verbose
  * delete the automatically generated apply subroutine to avoid warnings.
  * be more restrictive on the lines ignored by diff in write_if_needed.
  * New function move_po_if_needed to move a PO if there are some chnages.
  * Do not extract a trailing command if it is followed by an unexpected
    parameter. This fixes an issue in list environments when the \item are
    followed by blocks. Closes: 354955
  * New verbatim environment category. You can now specify verbatim blocks in
    environments other than "verbatim".
  * The --split option is no more needed. This feature is supported by using
    $master in the po4a_paths line.
  * try to re-generate the POT if the config file was modified.
  * use File::Copy instead of system("cp").
  * replace some `||' by `or'. || has an higher priority and some warnings
    were masked.
  * Overload the TransTractor's translate() in order to add pre- and
    post-translation filters.
  * Change the latin1 0xA0 (non-breaking spaces) to the pod S<...> equivalent.
    This should help projects with multiple formats.
  * .R is a (R), not a font modifier.
  * Remove duplicate definition of the .P macro. The font was not reset to
  * Also handle empty font modifiers followed by .P, .PP, .LP or .TP
  * When a font modifier if followed by another font modifier (or .P, or .SH,
    etc.), the first font must not be ignored. Inform the font stack with
  * a .P or .TP may be followed by spaces.
  * Remove unneded group in regex (theoretical speedup).
  * Detect non-wrapped lines (lines starting by spaces) when the line starts
    by a font modifier (\f).
  * Add a document to help the translators.
    Thanks to the contributions from Denis Barbier, Thomas Huriaux and Cyril
  * Distribute the ar, eo, eu, he, ku, nb, nl, pt, pt_BR, sl, sv and uk
    translations since some of them have more translated strings than other
    alredy distributed.

  [Yuri Kozlov]
  * Updated russian translation (po/bin/ru.po) (Closes: #350300)
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