File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: rlinetd-0.6

Release Notes

        o implement 'wait' directive to make tcp services like fam work.                              
        o change default semantic for numbers in config file - the numbers                            
          must be positive (i.e. without leading `-') everywhere except for                           
          the `nice' keyword.                                                                         
        o bugfix: rpc services didn't work properly.                                                  
        o bugfix: double-free error in services_free().                                               
        o call pmap_unset on program terminate.                                                       
        o new upstream site:  

Change Log

2006-03-19  Robert Luberda  <>

	* update or remove some autoconf macros.
	* implement --with-nsl option.

	* remove debian directory from EXTRA_DIST.

	* NEWS, README.inetd, other doc files: update.

	* configure, Makefile.*: update autoconf stuff.

	* rlinetd 0.6.
2006-03-16  Robert Luberda  <>

	* lex.l, grammar.y, data.h, implement the `wait' 
	keyword, which sets instances to 1 and do not call accept() for 
	the TCP services. This allows famd program to work correctly with 
	* rlinetd.conf.5: document the new keyword.

	* examples/rpc: add example configuration file for RPC services.

2006-03-14  Robert Luberda  <>

	* grammar.y: if a port for RPC services is not specified, made it
	dynamically assigned.

	* rlinetd.conf.5: document the above change.
	* for the RPC services always set rpc name, but never	
	output the port to made it dynamic.

	* lex.l, grammar.y: made the T_NUMERIC terminal by default 
	unsigned (i.e.  don't treat leading '-' as part of the number) 
	and use new signed_numeric, when it's needed (only in the `nice' 
	keyword, I think). This fixes error parsing RPC versions range 
	like '2-3'.

	* bytecode.h, grammar.y, rlinetd.h:  properly define signed/unsigned
	types to remove the "pointer targets ...differ in signedness"
	* add check for socklen_t type

2006-03-13  Robert Luberda  <>

	* grammar.y: fix double free problem in services_free().
	* grammar.y: pass proper port to pmap_set() when it's dynamically
 	assigned for RPC.
	Thanks to Jakub Bogush <> for the above patches.

	* signals.c, signals.h, engine.c: handle SIGTERM & SIGHUP by calling
	the services_free() function from the parser library to get the RPC
	services unregistered with pmup_unset().

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