File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.25

Release Notes

The most important changes are:
  * new: gettextize algorithm. This should simplify the gettextizations when a translation already exists
  * new: support for mdoc. This adds support for even more man pages.
  * new: beginning of the support for placeholders in XML. This will, for example, allow to translate footnotes in separate strings and specify where they should be integrated.
  * new: support for CDATA in XML.
  * new: po4aman-display-po. It will help translators of man pages to check how the translation of theirs pages looks like.
  * bug fixes and documentation fixes

Change Log

po4a (0.25-1) unstable; urgency=low

  [Nicolas Fran├žois]
  * Missing =back in the pod part.
  * consecutive escaped tabulations in the PO: only the first one was
    un-escaped. Closes: #359352
  * gettextize: do not associate the strings by their order in the POs, but by
    their order in the documents. This permits to gettextize documents
    which have the same structure, but where a string have
    multiple translations, or when different strings have the same translation.
    If multiple translations appear for a string, both strings are proposed in
    the PO. Closes: #326670
  * When a master document is specified twice in a configuration file:
    - do not ignore the options specified in the first line;
    - also warn in this case since po4a may not do what the user wants.
  * Fix the documentation: po4a do not use the POT-Creation-Date field of the
    POT and PO headers. It only updates the POs with msgmerge -U.
    Closes: #360141
  * Documentation: this module is no more beta.
  * Another fix for "when a font modifier if followed by another font
    modifier". Also add a test for this case.
  * mdoc support.
  * Do not put the header at the top of the file, but just before the .TH
    macro. This will preserve the indications on how to process the page if
    the first line contains something like: '\" t
  * Implement placeholders: this permits to specify that footnotes must not be
    translated inside a paragraph, but are translated separately and a
    <placeholder0> tag will be put where the footnote must be installed.
  * In tag_extract_doctype, we can't test whether the Document Type Definition
    contains an Internal Subset by searching the document for "]>" because
    this is also used for closing the CDATA Sections.  This caused
    segmentation faults.  Closes: #362169
  * get_string_until: add a option to search a regular expression.  The
    default is to search for a fixed string.  Also make sure get_string_until
    works when the serach string (or regex) contains a newline (\n).
  * When there is an Internal Subset, the Document Type Definition ends with
    "]\s*>", not necessarily "]>".
  * Add support for CDATA Sections.
  * new script to display a translated man page with a given PO.
    Thanks to Thomas Huriaux.
  * Fix a typo in the detailed example for the beginboundary field.
    Thanks to Ognyan Kulev.
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