File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.26

Release Notes

The most important changes are: * new: + support for the Texinfo format. * improvements and bug fixes: + po4a: keep the order of the documents in the configuration file for the creation of the POT and the generation of the translations. NOTE: this will change the order of the strings in your POs if you are using configuration files with multiple documents. + po4aman-display-po: various improvements and bug fixes + - fix the mdoc support to allow using mdoc and groff pages in the same configuration file - more pages supported - new "generated" option, which permits to use po4a on generated pages + pod: Fix a bug (resulting in missing output in the translated file) when the translation uses a non-breaking space.

Change Log

po4a (0.26-1) [Nicolas François] (po4aman-display-po) * When the master page is not provided, only look for the English man page. * With -m, users can now just specify the name of the original manpage (without the full path). Thanks to Florentin Duneau. * Warn if the -m argument not sufficient to identify an unique man page (the section is needed). Thanks to Florentin Duneau. * Do not use the function keyword (yields a syntax error with dash). Thanks to Julien Cristau. * Add missing quotes * Fix the trap command ( * Fix failures when a configuration file is used to translate both mdoc and groff man pages. The groff macros are no more erased in mdoc mode. * When a TH macro is found, switch back to the groff mode (but keep the mdoc macros if they were defined). * Print the po4a header before the Dd macros. * .SM is an inline macro. Thanks to Thomas Huriaux. * Add support for \# groff comments. Thanks to Thomas Huriaux. * Specify the line reference for "Unsupported font" errors. * Allow some more \c escapes (still not supported everywhere) * Reset some memories at the beginning of files (docheader & .TH & .Dd). When multiple files were mentionned in a config file, the comments or the fonts from one document could affect the next file. * Fix the .IX macro. * Support the \fL font modifier (needed for .IX). * Do not replace - by \- in symbol name (\[XXX] or \C'XXX' \v'XXX') (Also make sure there is odd number of \ in the other exceptions) * Add a 'generated' option to allow using po4a on generated man pages. * Only warn for .so and .mso, and do not translate the line. * Fix some bugs related to quotes used in the arguments of groff macros. * Do not split the arguments to the .ie, .if, .de macros. This fixes some spacing and quote issues with these macros. * el lines can start with a apostrophe (') instead of a period (.). * .el macros can be followed by a space or an escaped curly bracket (\{). * always convert back non breaking spaces to '\ ' before pushing the arguments in splitargs(). * Do not convert non breaking spaces before calling splitargs. (otherwise, the error mesages do not contain the original string) ( * Fix a typo in the LaTeX module link and add the Xml module to the SEE ALSO section. ( * Add the docbook's edition tag to the translate category. Thanks to Thomas Huriaux. ( * quote: To restore the original trailing spaces, we must remove the current trailing spaces with s/\s+$//s (not chomp). ( * Use the ESCAPE variable instead of \ when appropriate. * Add variables for the comments regexp. * Merge some strings. * Allow space as an argument separator ( * New module. (tests) * Add an mdoc test. * Add a mixed mdoc/roff test. * Add some quote tests for the Man module. ( * Update the script to build the html documentation. It now uses man2html. (This was necessary for the Polish pages) (po4a) * Use the same order as in the configuration file when creating the POT and the translated files. NOTE: this may modify the order of strings in your current POTs. (po4a.7.pod) * Update the list of supported formats. ( * Update documentation: It is now distributed. ( * Fix a problem with non-breaking spaces, which were causing missing output in the translated file. [Yves Rütschlé] ( * Update for the new Xml module behaviour (no need to define all the tags). (tests) * Add an Xhtml test suite. (Xml) * Include the comments starting with a #. This permits to support SSI statements in the Xhtml module. [Yuri Kozlov] * Updated Russian translation (po/bin/ru.po). 150t. [Daniel Nylander] * Updated Swedish translation (po/bin/sv.po). 141t9u.

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