File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.27

Release Notes

This release mostly consists of fixes for the Man module.
More and more manpages are supported.

Change Log

  [Nicolas Fran├žois]
  * Generate the manpages before the convertion to html (the line was
  * Fix missing empty lines between paragraphs.
  * Sometimes, the .B or .I macros are followed by an argument which only
    consist in a space. As the .B or .I macro is replaced by \fB or \fI,
    the quotes are removed, and some \& must be used to keep the space
    (otherwise the line will be considered empty by groff.
    Add these \&, and do not force the translators to translate them if
    the line only consists in \&, spaces and font modifiers.
  * Support for the ms' DA macro.
  * Support commented lines between .ie and .el macros.
  * Keep quotes arround mdoc macros' arguments when they contain spaces.
  * Do not replace - by \- in the symbols used in \*(XX
  * When we warn about using conditionnals without groff_code, also show
    the reference of the line.
  * gettextize the ".ie without .el" error, and add the reference of the
    line in the manpage.
  * add an mdoc method (translate_mdoc_no_quotes) because some mdoc macros
    must not have their arguments quoted.
  * In splitargs, change \&" to a groff double quote \(dq.
    It's still not perfect, but it helps in a lot of pages.
  * When a string is quoted, only translate the argument between the
    quotes, and restore the quotes latter.
  * Keep the \\f font modifiers with the inline macros' arguments (E<...>).
  * Add \\f in the "Unsupported font in..." error. This helps understanding
    what/where is the error.
  * Fix typos.
  * Print the number of translated strings, even if the translation is
    discarded because it is less translated than the threshold.
  * Do not always use po4a-translate's -o options for the options passed
    to po4aman-display-powith -o. Otherwise, we can only specify module
    options, and not options for po4a-translate (i.e. we can't specify
    something like -o "-L ISO-8859-1").
  * Fix typos.
  * Update the translation, after review by the Debian l10n list.
  * Update the translation, after review by the Debian l10n list.

  [Florentin Duneau]
  * Fix some typos.

  [Thomas Huriaux]
  * Support for empty .B or .I followed by commands, with a warning.
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