File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.27.2

Release Notes

A second dot release, to fix the man module.

In 0.27 and 0.27.1, some font modifiers (\\f) were kept, causing fuzzied messages on PO generated with previous versions.

Change Log

2006-08-07  Nicolas Fran├žois  <>

        * scripts/po4aman-display-po: If man -aw find multiple manpages
        (e.g. ls.1 and ls.1posix), but only one exactly matches the given
        section, use this page. Thanks to Florentin Duneau for reporting.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ The "do not force the translators to
        translate them if the line only consists in \&, spaces and font
        modifiers." patch was wrong. Some strings could be untranslated if
        a (multi-line) string contained a line with only font modifiers,
        \& and spaces..
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Last patch fixing "Keep the \\f font
        modifiers with the inline macros' arguments (E<...>)." was wrong.
        Add missing $ at the end of the regex.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Update VERSION to 0.27.2.
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