File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.28

Release Notes

Here are the major changes in po4a release 0.28

** Bug fixes

  man: Fix for .I " " and other minor bug fixes.

  tex/latex: Documentation and useability improvements.

** Speed improvement

  po4a: The POs are now only read once. This will speed the processing
  when many documents are specified in a configuration file.

** Translations

  Updated French translation.

Change Log

2006-08-17  Nicolas Fran├žois  <>

        * po/bin/po4a.pot, po/pod/po4a-pod.pot: Regerated.
        * po/bin/*.po, po/pod/*.po: Synchronized with the POTs.
        * po/pod/fr.po: Updated to 1088t1u.
        * t/data-05/test7.err: Update due to the change in po4a.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/, debian/changelog: Prepare the
        po4a 0.28 release.

2006-08-16  Nicolas Fran├žois  <>

        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Add a link to the TeX module man page.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Register the environment provided by
        the -o verbatim or -o no_wrap option, if the environment does not
        already exist.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Document the
        '% po4a: verbatim environment I<env>' inline command.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ When no parameters are specified in a
        '% po4a: environment I<env> I<parameters>', do not expect a
        trailing space.
        * t/data-23/mdoc.1, t/data-23/, t/data-23/mdoc.pot,
        t/data-23/, t/data-23/mixed.pot: Add a test for font
        modifiers nested in mdoc commands.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ fix the Man module to pass the above test.
        * t/data-23/fonts: Add a test to make sure a '<' do not prevent
        the processing of font modifiers.
        * t/data-23/fonts: Add a test for .I " "
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/, t/data-23/fonts.en, t/data-23/fonts.pot:
        Fix the above tests.
        * po4a: Only read a PO once. It was read for every master file of
        the configuration file.
        * NEWS: Add a NEWS file.
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