File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.29

Release Notes

Major changes in release 0.29 (2006-10-15)

** New features

  New module for .INI files. Thanks to Costin Stroie.

  New module for BibTeX bibliographies.

  man: New mdoc option for stricter support of mdoc pages (NAME section
  not translated).

  text: Support for underlined text.

  text: Support for bulleted paragraphs (can be deactivated with
  -o nobullets).

** Bug fixes

  man: Keep empty commented lines.

  man: Do not add spaces at the end of lines.

  man: Languages without non breaking space could not use question marks.

  sgml: Better support for verbatim sections, and consider <cmdsynopsis>
  as verbatim. <arg> and <option> are now in the ignore category.

  general: Length calculation algorithm changed for wrapping lines in the
  output document or in the PO. This should improve output when files are
  encoded in UTF-8.

Change Log

2006-10-15  Nicolas François  <>

        * po/pod/fr.po: Updated to 1107t1u.

2006-10-13  Nicolas François  <>

        * testsuite/check: Add the zZ and zY macro to include bash.1 in
        the testsuite.

2006-10-10  Nicolas François  <>

        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ When we try to detect if a paragraph
        contains multiple bullets, quote the bullet to avoid problems with

2006-10-09  Nicolas François  <>

        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ The module generated additional empty
        lines.  Better handling of empty paragraphs (empty line followed
        by another one).
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Add support for underlined text.
        Translate a title together with the underlining, in non wrapped
        mode.  Underlines are lines consisting in only '=', '-' or '_'.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Consider paragraphs with more than 3
        consecutive spaces as non-wrapped paragraphs.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Consider paragraphs starting by a
        bullet ('*') or numberred paragraphs ('1)' or '2.') as non-wrapped
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ (translate): When the wrapcol
        argument is negative, add the default wrapcol value.  NOTE: It
        does not take into account the argument of the po4a-translate's
        --width option.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Support for bulleted paragraphs:
        extract the bullet's text, and wrap/reindent after translation.
        A -o nobullets option was added to revert this behavior.
        * NEWS: Document these changes.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Support consecutive bulleted
        paragraphs, without empty line to separate them.

2006-10-08  Nicolas François  <>

        * NEWS: document important changes in 0.29.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Prepare release 0.29.

2006-10-08  Jordi Vilalta  <>

        * po/bin/ca.po, po/bin/es.po: Updated the translations.

2006-10-08  Nicolas François  <>

        * po/bin/po4a.pot, po/pod/po4a-pod.pot: Regerated.
        * po/bin/*.po, po/pod/*.po: Synchronized with the POTs.

2006-10-08  Nicolas François  <>

        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Add an "mdoc" option to select a
        stricter support for mdoc (no translation of the 'NAME' section).

2006-10-07  Nicolas François  <>

        * po4a-normalize: Beginning of support for reading stdin.
        More work is needed for a full support (other options, other
        tools, module should not read the file twice, how to deal with
        inclusion, ...).
        * po4a-gettextize: Likewise.

2006-10-07  Nicolas François  <>

        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Add 'term' to the verbatim tags. This
        is needed for the module-assistant sgml man page. Otherwise,
        lists' items are not indented.

2006-10-07  Nicolas François  <>

        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Fix the issue detected in the previous
        changes ( When a line was wrapped inside a E<.xx ...>,
        the end of line was replaced by a space instead of just being
        * t/data-23/ Fix the testsuite accordingly.

2006-10-07  Nicolas François  <>

        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Fix another wrap / length calculation
        issue, this time for the generation of the PO.
        * t/data-23/ Needed by the previous change. The mdoc code
        needs a fix.

2006-10-07  Nicolas François  <>

        * t/data-23/ This is needed by the previous change.  This
        probably means there is minor issue in the handling of E<.xx ...>.

2006-09-24  Yuri Kozlov  <>
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Convert UTF-8 strings to Perl's "logical
        character" before wrapping the text. This helps the length
        calculation needed for wrapping lines.

2006-09-18  Stephane Blondon  <>

        * po/pod/fr.po: Fix a typo.

2006-09-18  Nicolas François  <>

        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Do not reopen the input file.
        Otherwise, it fails when the master document is stdin.

2006-09-17  Nicolas François  <>

        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Add \N'xxx' to the exception for the ''
        to \*(rq transliteration. Thanks to KISE Hiroshi for pointing

2006-09-14  Nicolas François  <>

        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Move <cmdsynopsis> from the indent to the
        verbatim category.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Move <arg> and <option> from the
        translate to the ignore.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Fix the handling of verbatim sections.
        Better spacing (some end of line were missing).

2006-09-05  Nicolas François  <>

        * t/23-man.t, t/data-23/spaces, t/data-23/spaces.fr_latin1,
        t/data-23/spaces.fr_latin1.po, t/data-23/spaces.fr_utf8,
        t/data-23/spaces.fr_utf8.po, t/data-23/spaces.ja,
        t/data-23/spaces.ja.po, t/data-23/spaces.pot: New test for an
        issue pointed by KISE Hiroshi.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ ? was considered as a non breaking
        space. Activate the detection of failing Encode::from_to().
        Thanks to KISE Hiroshi for pointing it.
        * t/data-23/fonts.en, t/data-23/fonts.pot: Fix the test suite:
        "empty commented lines" are kept.
        * t/data-23/ Fix the test suite: "spaces at the
        end of the line for blocks of text" are removed.

2006-08-30  Nicolas François  <>

        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Change what appears in the 'type'
        comment of the msgid (in the PO).

2006-08-29  Nicolas François  <>

        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ New module: support for BibTeX
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Fix a typo in a comment.

2006-08-27  Nicolas François  <>

        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Keep empty commented lines.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ wrap keeps spaces at the end of
        empty lines. Remove the space at the end of the line for blocks of
        text (it should be done in some other blocks,but at least, it seems
        safe here).

2006-08-27  Nicolas François  <>

        * t/data-23/mixed.cfg, t/data-23/mixed.pot, t/data-23/,
        t/data-23/mixed1, t/data-23/, t/data-23/mixed2,
        t/data-23/, t/data-23/mixed3, t/data-23/,
        t/data-23/mixed4, t/data-23/, t/23-man.t: New mixed
        test. Avoid depending on files used by other tests.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ remove re_init() and detect the end of
        file when there are no more lines in parse().

2006-08-26  Nicolas François  <>

        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Reorganize the list of options: all the
        options to specify the behaviour of new options together.

2006-08-23  Nicolas François  <>

        * MANIFEST: Distribute the INI module.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Add the 'ini' module alias.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Little cleanup. Remove references to
        * t/26-ini.t, t/data-26/test1.ini, t/data-26/test1.po: Add a test
        to the testsuite for the ini module.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Call re_init only once, in docheader.
        When it was called in the .TH and .Dd macros, it used to remove
        the comments at the beginning (e.g. copyright notice, preprocessor
        indications, etc.

2006-08-21  Costin Stroie <>

        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ New module for .INI files.

2006-08-20  Nicolas François  <>

        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ (mdoc) Only remove the spaces at the end
        of an mdoc macros if the space is not escaped.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Do not always change '' to \*(rq.
        For example, Pod::Man uses \*' and this sequence may be followed by a
        single quote.
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