File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: rlinetd-0.6.1

Release Notes

Bugfix release: fix a few segmentation faults bugs related to RPC services.

Change Log

2007-03-21  Robert Luberda  <>
  	* grammar.y: fix another possible stack corruption error, which occurs
	  when the default service is configured as a RPC service (very
	  unlikely confgiguration)

	* release rlinetd 0.6.1

2007-03-20  Robert Luberda  <>
  	* grammar.y: fix stack corruption error by NULL-ifing the destination
	  rpc number list before passing it to the numlist_copy() function.

2007-01-02  Robert Luberda  <>
  	* grammar.y: fix segmentation fault on RPC services for which getaddrinfo()
    	  returns more then one addrinfo result.

2006-03-21  Robert Luberda  <>
	* fix typo to make --with-nsl actually work.
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