File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.9.14

Release Notes

New release. Fixes a minor security problem and quite a few glitches.

Change Log

- pmount: support the 'omfs' file system
- applied patch from Tim Phipps <> to
  fix pumount when /media is a symlink.
- use errors=continue when applicable to prevent carefully crafted fs 
  to cause kernel panics.
- some typo fixes
- -p is now a shortcut for --passphrase
- document why for some filesystems, pmount makes the kernel complain.
- use the realpath implementation from the mount utility for security
  reasons (man 3 realpath says 'Avoid using this function.')
- pulling recent translations from Rosetta; adding (partial)
  translations for: 
  * Basque
  * Persian
  * Norwegian
  * Telugu
  * Turkish
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