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Alioth upgraded to FusionForge 5.0

Roland Mas - 2010-04-12 08:49 - Site Admin

I just upgraded from FusionForge 4.8 to the new version 5.0. That should only mean a number of improvements (including fixes for problems that had been reported in support requests), but if there are regressions please tell us about them.

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Key-based SSH access restored

Raphaël Hertzog - 2008-05-26 10:43 - Site Admin

Please see for the details.

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Public key logins temporarily disabled

Roland Mas - 2008-05-13 12:46 - Site Admin

Due to a weakness in OpenSSL's randon number generator, SSH keys have been removed on Alioth, and SSH logins through public-key authentication have been disabled. The latter will be restored when some safeguards have been set up so that insecure keys are not re-installed. Please upgrade your OpenSSL libraries as per the Debian Security Advisory #1571, then ensure your keys are safe (or, preferably, generate new keys), then install them on your account management page.

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Old Alioth database restored

Raphaël Hertzog - 2007-02-18 18:05 - Site Admin

Due to a unfortunate mistake, we lost the database and had to restore an old backup. Please check

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Alioth documentation in the Wiki

Raphaël Hertzog - 2005-07-19 07:31 - Site Admin

Since several people complained about the lack of documentation concerning Alioth I decided to write down the most important things in a Wiki page.

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Local GForge Admin - 2004-10-29 22:29 - Site Admin

In order to filter out more spam reaching Alioth users I modified the email setup to use greylisting.

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Alioth moving

Local GForge Admin - 2004-02-23 10:12 - Site Admin

Alioth, along with and will be moving to a new machine this week. In preparation of that we will not be making any changes to quantz (the machine currently running those services). All pending and new change requests will be processed after the move. This should not affect any projects until the moment when we do the actual switch, during which the whole system will be taken offline in order to prevent dataloss. There will be a seperate announcement for that.

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Status update

Roland Mas - 2003-11-22 14:17 - Site Admin

Things evolve.

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Alioth partially down

Roland Mas - 2003-11-22 11:18 - Site Admin

Hi there,

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Project notification not working

Local GForge Admin - 2003-08-21 20:29 - Site Admin

At this moment project notification is not working properly. This means that if you registered a project on Alioth you will not get notified when it is accepted or rejected, so please check occasionally to check your product status.

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A few bits of info on Alioth

  2003-03-30 14:09
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