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Splashy packages for Ubuntu

Luis Mondesi - 2009-01-09 23:17 - splashy

Splashy is now releasing Ubuntu Hardy packages from Alioth directly.

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Splashy releases now directly on Debian repository

Luis Mondesi - 2007-05-29 00:56 - splashy

Splashy releases can now be downloaded directly from the Debian repositories for various architectures.

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Splashy maintenance release

Luis Mondesi - 2006-07-22 18:18 - splashy

A new version of Splashy was released, This is mainly a maintenance release targetted at stability and bug fixing.

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Splashy 0.1.8 released

Luis Mondesi - 2006-06-25 19:07 - splashy

Release Name: 0.1.8

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Splashy 0.1.8 to be released soon

Luis Mondesi - 2006-03-27 16:20 - splashy

Hello hello!

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Splashy got accepted to Debian repositories

Luis Mondesi - 2005-05-31 21:07 - splashy

Splashy can now be apt-get'ed in the regular way.

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We are moving on alioth

Vincenzo Ampolo - 2005-04-15 12:36 - splashy

Today our porject was approved by by alioth, we re moving here.

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