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Removing download files

Neil Williams - 2008-04-22 16:01 - Debian Package Viewer

The process of building a native Debian package causes changes to the tarball and the .tar.gz uploaded to Alioth may therefore differ from the .tar.gz downloaded from Debian for the same version. This will only cause confusion so I've removed the download files from here so that everyone gets the same tarball for the same version.

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0.0.5 released

Neil Williams - 2006-09-26 14:36 - Debian Package Viewer

deb-gview now supports viewing packaged files with external viewers, including manpages, HTML pages and images. deb-gview uses a dot-file in your home directory (~/.deb-gview/preview) to specify which applications should be used to preview files from the package.

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Source tarballs in 0.0.3

Neil Williams - 2006-08-25 16:14 - Debian Package Viewer

Yes, there are two source tarballs available for v0.0.3. The reason is that make produces a tarball called deb-gview-..mumble and Debian uses a tarball called deb-gview_..mumble. Swapping the dash for the underscore confuses the Debian watch file that I've used for 0.0.3, so to make sure the watch file works for 0.0.3, I've uploaded both versions of the source tarball. Don't worry, future releases will simply have deb-gview_...mumble source tarball names.

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Project registration and name change

Neil Williams - 2006-08-06 10:08 - Debian Package Viewer

Registration under the original name for this project, dpkg-view, is now complete at alioth. Since registration was requested, the project name has changed to deb-gview to prevent contamination of the dpkg- namespace in Debian. See Bug #381221.

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