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ngircd 19.2-2 availble in squeeze-backports

Christoph Biedl - 2013-01-17 10:10 - Debian IRC Team

Good news everyone: The ngircd version 19.2-2, scheduled for the upcoming stable wheezy release, is now also available for users of squeeze via debian-backports.

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PRIVMSG #ngircd :Hello, world

Christoph Biedl - 2010-04-28 17:44 - Debian IRC Team

Thanks for granting membership to pkg-irc. After ngircd 15-0.1 was an NMU, I will now officially maintain the ngircd package in Debian. The VCS has been updated a few moments ago so the URL in debian/control is accurate again.

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inspircd, weggli-guest

Mario Iseli - 2007-10-06 15:05 - Debian IRC Team

The inspircd package which is NEW has been added to the SVN repository, an upload is being prepared.

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