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rdf:type doap:Project, admssw:SoftwareProject
doap:name "kernel"
doap:shortdesc "kernel"
doap:description "Umbrella project for all Debian Linux kernel-related packaging: the kernel itself, ethtool, initramfs-tools, klibc ...[cr][nl]
doap:homepage "", ""
dct:subject "linux", "C", "kernel"
rad:keyword "linux", "C", "kernel"
dct:description "Umbrella project for all Debian Linux kernel-related packaging: the kernel itself, ethtool, initramfs-tools, klibc ...[cr][nl]
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is admssw:project of
is dct:publisher of
rdfs:label "kernel release series of project kernel"
rdf:type admssw:SoftwareRelease
rdfs:label "kernel kernel-source-2.6.8"
doap:revision "kernel-source-2.6.8"
dct:created "2004-08-14T20:47:00+00:00"^^xsd:dateTime
dct:description "Linux 2.6.8 release.␣␣This incorporates the fix that warranted the release, plus misc. other fixes."
schema:releaseNotes "kernel-source-2.6.8 (2.6.8-1) unstable; urgency=high[cr][nl]
␣␣* New upstream release.[cr][nl]
␣␣* Nuke tg3.c properly in prune-non-free; rely on patch to supply driver[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣(Andres Salomon).[cr][nl]
␣␣* The following patches have been merged upstream (Andres Salomon):[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. acpi-typo[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. chown-gid-check[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. chown-procfs[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣␣␣(partially applied; this is a broken patch)[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. drivers-atkbd-quiten[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. drivers-dpt_i2o-fixup[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. drivers-isdn-io_funcs-fixup[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. drivers-net-irda-dma_api[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. drivers-net-via_rhine-avoid_bitfield[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. drivers-sb-pnp_unregister[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. drivers-scsi-advansys-dma_api[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. drivers-scsi-sd-NO_SENSE[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. drivers-usb-net-pegasus-startstop_queue[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. envp[cr][nl]
␣␣␣. fs-isofs-acorn[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. fs-isofs-dont-check-period[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. fs-jfs-compile[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. include-linux-mca.h-fixups[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. netfilter-signedcharbug[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. netlink-macro-fixups[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. powerpc-g4-errata[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. xfs-update[cr][nl]
␣␣* The following patches have been modified (Andres Salomon):[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. drivers-input-hiddev-HIDIOCGUCODE[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣␣␣(sparse fixes; s/(void *) arg/user_arg/g)[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. remove-references-to-removed-drivers[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣␣␣(upstream now considers SMCTR a broken and legacy driver)[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. drivers-net-tg3-readd[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣␣␣(forward port firmware changes to new tg3; from version 3.3[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣␣␣of driver to version 3.8)[cr][nl]
␣␣* Stop the kernel distclean from nuking the debian directory by[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣having the clean rule check for debian/official (Andres Salomon).[cr][nl]
␣␣* Fix typo in alpha-termbits patch naming (Christoph Hellwig).[cr][nl]
␣␣* Drop two unneeded patches (Christoph Hellwig):[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. fs-cramfs-constify[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣. include-thread_info-ifdefs[cr][nl]
␣␣* Remove -2 postfixes from patches, this is a new upstream release[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣(Christoph Hellwig).[cr][nl]
␣␣* Add NFS OOPS fix (Christoph Hellwig).[cr][nl]
␣␣* Add SG_IO WRITE_BUFFER capability check (Christoph Hellwig).[cr][nl]
␣␣* Fix IA64 generic kernel compile on UP (Christoph Hellwig).[cr][nl]
␣␣* Add pty leak fix from Al Viro (Christoph Hellwig).[cr][nl]
␣␣* Add patch from Gustavo Barbier to support IBM RS/6000 7043-240 and -E30[cr][nl]
␣␣␣␣(Christoph Hellwig).[cr][nl]
␣␣* Add 32bit ioctl translation support to XFS (closes: Bug#257265)[cr][nl]
␣␣(Christoph Hellwig).[cr][nl]
␣␣* Revert sym53c8xx driver (dann frazier).[cr][nl]
-- Andres Salomon <>␣␣Sat, 14 Aug 2004 02:40:50 -0400"
is doap:release of
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