Project Member List

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Member Username Role(s)/Position(s) Skills
Michael Prokop
Monniez Christophe
Paul Wise
pabsSenior DeveloperView
Luca Bruno
lucabSenior DeveloperView
Rich Ercolani
rince-guestSenior DeveloperView
Anthony Yin-Pong Wong
ypwongSenior DeveloperView
Cristian Greco
cristian-guestSenior DeveloperView
Eriberto Mota
eriberto-guestSenior DeveloperView
Jacob Appelbaum
ioerror-guestSenior DeveloperView
Luciano Bello
lucianoSenior DeveloperView
Tiago Bortoletto Vaz
tiagoSenior DeveloperView
Julien Valroff
julienSenior DeveloperView
Pierre Chifflier
polluxSenior DeveloperView
Helmut Grohne
helmutgSenior DeveloperView
Francois Marier
francoisSenior DeveloperView
Raphael Hertzog
hertzogSenior DeveloperView
Jose Parrella
bureadoJunior DeveloperView
Juan Angulo Moreno
jam-guestJunior DeveloperView
Donald Raikes
dnraikes-guestJunior DeveloperView
ElĂ­as Alejandro
ealmdz-guestJunior DeveloperView
William Vera
billy-guestJunior DeveloperView
Beraldo Leal
beraldo-guestJunior DeveloperView
Henri Salo
fgeek-guestJunior DeveloperView
Daniel Chen
crimsun-guestJunior DeveloperView
Frederic Baguelin
udgover-guestJunior DeveloperView
Hilko Bengen
bengenJunior DeveloperView
Joao Eriberto Mota Filho
eribertoJunior DeveloperView
Giovani Augusto Ferreira
giovani-guestJunior DeveloperView
Samuel Henrique
samueloph-guestJunior DeveloperView
Sascha Steinbiss
sattaJunior DeveloperView
Giovani Augusto Ferreira
giovaniJunior DeveloperView
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