Project Member List

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Member Username Role(s)/Position(s) Skills
Luca De Vitis
lucaJunior DeveloperView
Bastian Blank
waldiJunior DeveloperView
Marcus Schopen
mschopen-guestJunior DeveloperView
Michel Grentzinger
micgrentz-guestJunior DeveloperView
Encolpe Degoute
encolpe-guestJunior DeveloperView
Federico Sevilla III
jijo-guestJunior DeveloperView
Leonard NorrgÄrd
vinsci-guestJunior DeveloperView
Nicolas Ledez
nledez-guestJunior DeveloperView
Monty Taylor
mordred-guestJunior DeveloperView
Christian Heimes
tiran-guestJunior DeveloperView
Igor Stroh
igor-guestJunior DeveloperView
Brian Sutherland
jinty-guestJunior DeveloperView
Andrew Mitchell
ajmitchJunior DeveloperView
Ilgiz Kalmetev
ilgiz-guestJunior DeveloperView
Wichert Akkerman
wakkermaJunior DeveloperView
Federico Di Gregorio
fogJunior DeveloperView
Andreas Tille
tilleJunior DeveloperView
Andrea Fanfani
andreaJunior DeveloperView
David L. Coe
davidcJunior DeveloperView
James Penny
jpennyJunior DeveloperView
Bernd Zeimetz
bzedJunior DeveloperView
Andrea Mennucci
mennucc1Junior DeveloperView
Martin Krafft
madduckJunior DeveloperView
Michael Mulich
pumazi-guestJunior DeveloperView
Takaki Taniguchi
takakiJunior DeveloperView
Gael Le Mignot
kilobug-guestJunior DeveloperView
Julien Muchembled
jmuchemb-guestJunior DeveloperView
Thomas Goirand
zigoJunior DeveloperView
Gediminas Paulauskas
menesis-guestSenior DeveloperView
Elliot Murphy
statik-guestSenior DeveloperView
Fabio Tranchitella
Matthias Klose
Jonas Meurer
Barry Warsaw
Arnaud Fontaine
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