Project Member List

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Member Username Role(s)/Position(s) Skills
Jordan Mantha
laserjock-guestJunior DeveloperView
Sylvestre Ledru
sylvestreJunior DeveloperView
Filippo Rusconi
lopippoJunior DeveloperView
Alex Chal
alibobar-guestJunior DeveloperView
Egon Willighagen
egonw-guestJunior DeveloperView
Morten Kjeldgaard
mok0-guestJunior DeveloperView
Lionel Elie Mamane
lmamaneJunior DeveloperView
Manuel Prinz
manuelJunior DeveloperView
Andreas Tille
tilleJunior DeveloperView
Georges Khaznadar
georgeskJunior DeveloperView
Karol Langner
kml-guestJunior DeveloperView
Nicholas Breen
nbreenJunior DeveloperView
Sébastien Buchoux
seb-buch-guestJunior DeveloperView
Steffen Möller
moellerJunior DeveloperView
Tone Kokalj
tonekokalj-guestJunior DeveloperView
Sebastian Gibb
sgibb-guestJunior DeveloperView
Olivier Langella
langella-guestJunior DeveloperView
Alex Mestiashvili
malex-guestJunior DeveloperView
Stuart Prescott
stuartJunior DeveloperView
Christoph Junghans
junghans-guestJunior DeveloperView
Robert McGibbon
rmcgibbo-guestJunior DeveloperView
Sebastian Wouters
sebwouters-guestJunior DeveloperView
Prathibha B
prathibha-guestJunior DeveloperView
Tatiana Malygina
latticetower-guestJunior DeveloperView
Ximin Luo
infinity0Junior DeveloperView
Andrius Merkys
merkys-guestJunior DeveloperView
Graham Inggs
ginggsSenior DeveloperView
Patrick Winnertz
winnieSenior DeveloperView
Anton Gladky
gladkSenior DeveloperView
Lennard Wasserthal
ohnemichel-guestSenior DeveloperView
Michael Banck
Daniel Leidert
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