Project Member List

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Member Username Role(s)/Position(s) Skills
James Hughes
jhughes-guestDoc WriterView
Jonathan Peirce
peircej-guestJunior DeveloperView
Daniele E. Domenichelli
drdanz-guestJunior DeveloperView
Matt Mollison
matt-guestJunior DeveloperView
Alois Schloegl
schloegl-guestJunior DeveloperView
andrei zavada
hmmr-guestJunior DeveloperView
Scott Gorlin
gorlins-guestJunior DeveloperView
Florian Baumgartner
flbaumga-guestJunior DeveloperView
Ingo Fründ
igordertigor-guestJunior DeveloperView
Alex Waite
alexqw-guestJunior DeveloperView
Yury Zaytsev
zaytsev-guestJunior DeveloperView
Nicolas Bourdaud
nbourdau-guestJunior DeveloperView
Dominique Belhachemi
domibelJunior DeveloperView
Tim Theisen
ttheisen-guestJunior DeveloperView
Tiziano Zito
tiziano-guestSenior DeveloperView
Per Sederberg
psederberg-guestSenior DeveloperView
Christoph Weidemann
ctw-guestSenior DeveloperView
Greg Detre
gregdetre-guestSenior DeveloperView
Emanuele Olivetti
ele-guestSenior DeveloperView
Matthew Brett
matthew-brett-guestSenior DeveloperView
Christopher Burns
cburns-guestSenior DeveloperView
Valentin Haenel
esc-guestSenior DeveloperView
Mark Hymers
mhySenior DeveloperView
Andreas Tille
tilleSenior DeveloperView
Sebastiaan Mathôt
sebastiaan-guestSenior DeveloperView
Sandro Tosi
morphSenior DeveloperView
Diane Trout
dianeSenior DeveloperView
Michael Hanke
Yaroslav Halchenko
Yaroslav Halchenko
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