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Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Robert Luberda Contact Robert Luberda Junior Developer View

Danilo Piazzalunga Contact Danilo Piazzalunga Junior Developer View

Noritada Kobayashi Contact Noritada Kobayashi Junior Developer View

Nozomu KURASAWA Contact Nozomu KURASAWA Junior Developer View

Omar Campagne Contact Omar Campagne Junior Developer View

kru valig Contact kru valig Junior Developer View

Helge Kreutzmann Contact Helge Kreutzmann Junior Developer View

Jonas Smedegaard Contact Jonas Smedegaard Senior Developer View

Marco Ciampa Contact Marco Ciampa Senior Developer View

Pierre Machard Contact Pierre Machard Admin View

Jordi Vilalta Contact Jordi Vilalta Admin View
Bugs 302133 Xml module does wrap the document, even when passing --width to po4a-translate 149 Months Ago 149 Months Ago
Bugs 301026 po4a-update eats characters not in charset without asking 159 Months Ago 128 Months Ago

Martin Quinson Contact Martin Quinson Admin View
Bugs 300874 Included files should be searched in the path of the master 162 Months Ago 162 Months Ago

Nicolas FRANÇOIS Contact Nicolas FRANÇOIS Admin View

Denis Barbier Contact Denis Barbier Admin View

Denis Barbier Contact Denis Barbier Admin View

Simon Paillard Contact Simon Paillard Admin View

David Prévot Contact David Prévot Admin View

Tobias Quathamer Contact Tobias Quathamer Admin View

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