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If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a developer, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Eric Raymond Contact Eric Raymond Doc Writer View

David Goncalves Contact David Goncalves Junior Developer View

Alexander Gordeev Contact Alexander Gordeev Junior Developer View

Jean Perriault Contact Jean Perriault Junior Developer View

Michal Hlavinka Contact Michal Hlavinka Junior Developer, Packager View
Patches 313927 systemd system unit dir is mangled by configure script 65 Months Ago 64 Months Ago
Task 266 Static code analysis 152 Months Ago 90% done

Antoine Colombier Contact Antoine Colombier Junior Developer View

Michal Soltys Contact Michal Soltys Senior Developer View

Kjell Claesson Contact Kjell Claesson Senior Developer View

Frederic BOHE Contact Frederic BOHE Senior Developer View

Émilien Kia Contact Émilien Kia Senior Developer View
Task 486 AppArmor support for NUT 78 Months Ago 5% done
Task 499 NSS improvements 67 Months Ago 0% done

Vaclav Krpec Contact Vaclav Krpec Senior Developer View

Arnaud Quette Contact Arnaud Quette Admin View
Feature Requests 313933 Add serial information to scanner reported data 65 Months Ago 65 Months Ago
Patches 303719 Enchanced gamatronic driver to do full SEC protocol 142 Months Ago 142 Months Ago
Bugs 312848 usbhid-ups flip-flop between online and on-battery state 90 Months Ago 90 Months Ago
Task 169 Start the brainstorming and find a unified solution 156 Months Ago 25% done
Task 260 Document NQA 152 Months Ago 10% done
Task 194 Improve upsstat 155 Months Ago 30% done
Task 193 Add css support 155 Months Ago 5% done
Task 196 Check the names of current params 155 Months Ago 30% done
Task 255 enhancements and rewrite using AsciiDoc 153 Months Ago 85% done

Charles Lepple Contact Charles Lepple Admin View
Support Requests 312702 No battery installed! 92 Months Ago 76 Months Ago
Task 487 Prepare for Git migration 78 Months Ago 25% done
Task 267 Watch Debian QA tools (lintian and buildd) 152 Months Ago 0% done

Oden Eriksson Contact Oden Eriksson Packager View

Stanislav Brabec Contact Stanislav Brabec Packager View

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