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Lisaac stands as a Self's successor. It allows low-level programming but remains a high-level language. The ideas in Lisaac are mostly inspired by Smalltalk (all values are objects), Self (prototype-based) and Eiffel (design by contract).

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Tags: compiler, performance, prototype, language

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Registered: 2008-08-12 11:14
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Latest File Releases
Package Version Date Notes Monitor Download
Communication Ext2 on IsaacOS September 4, 2008 Communication - Release Notes Communication - Monitor this package Communication Ext2 on IsaacOS - Download
Lisaac 0.13.1 February 1, 2008 Lisaac - Release Notes Lisaac - Monitor this package Lisaac 0.13.1 - Download
Other CPOO September 3, 2009 Other - Release Notes Other - Monitor this package Other CPOO - Download
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