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1DansguardianOzgur Karatas
DG content filtering latest versions for debian package.
2mysqlauthOzgur Karatas
MySQL for Squid authenticator. (in MD5 modules)
5dsadsa'asdsad' dsadsa'
7shinkendavid hannequin
Shinken is a new, Nagios compatible monitoring tool, written in Python.
10shinkendavid hannequin
Shinken is a new, Nagios compatible monitoring tool, written in Python.
53tray menumai
a menu from sys tray
54adminAdmin root@localhost
29paflibBreno Leitao
PAFLib is an IBM written library which exposes Power Architecture Facilities to userspace via an API. This includes the Data Stream Control Register Facility (DSCR) and the Event-Based Branching facility (EBB). Linux kernel 3.9 has exposed problem-state DSCR usage for ISA 2.06 (POWER7 – emulated) and ISA 2.07 (POWER8 – in hardware). Linux 3.10 has exposed the EBB facility.
35CPStrncpyDaniel Li
The CPStrncpy() function copies the string pointed to by src, including the terminating null byte ('\0'), to the buffer pointed to by dest. The strings may
not overlap, and the destination string dest must be large enough to receive the copy. Beware of buffer overruns!

The CPStrncpy() function is similar, except that at most n bytes of src are copied. Warning: If there is no null byte among the first n bytes of src, the
string placed in dest will not be null-terminated.

If the length of src is less than n, CPStrncpy() writes additional null bytes to dest to ensure that a total of n bytes are written.
52testhr k
9Hexdump en/decoder (freeware)Valentin Hilbig
Functions to create a hexdump from some input, as well as the reverse, create clear text from a hexdump.
Example see
14Mapping-script for ifupdown and WLanJohannes Zarl
This script uses iwlist to get a list of available wlans (identified by their ESSIDs) and chooses the one with the highest priority.
22privnetnatPierre Neyron
/etc/network/interface up-down command for setting up NAT automatically when an interface goes up.

iface usb0 inet static
up /etc/network/privnetnat/
down /etc/network/privnetnat/

24vaStig Sandbeck Mathisen
varnishadm shell wrapper function. Adds a command "va", that connects to the admin port. If run without arguments, the help text is printed.
This script by José L. Redrejo was written to clear left-behind processes on LTSP servers.
79tray menumai
launch apps from menu in system tray
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