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6HelloworldArtur Fibonaci
8elkirtasse-3.5-debali nouah
مكتبة القرطاس برنامج مجاني مفتوح المصدر تعمل على جميع أنظمة التشغيل سواء لينكس او وندوز أو ماك
9elkirtasse-3.5ali nouah
elkirtasse free open source program works on all operating systems, whether Linux or Windows or Mac
Lets you view and edit books and organize them as you add new books and exported to certain files and many other features such as printing and other
17flextraAlastair McKinstry
Trajectory model for tracing air transport phenomena
18TestRaul Unskipp
20gnome-screensaverCorcodel Marian
Diferent patches refer to gnome-screensaver
21Write Java cardLinscomt Silva
Writing a custom applet commands with calls and responses.
Save the applet in a JCOP 2.2.2 Post chipped or higher.
23project759Raj Developer
25Helper ulatencydCorcodel Marian
Help ulatencyd to unbreak shutdown process on systemd
27PA273-Potentiostat-SoftwareAmit Sandhel
This software is designed to operate the PA273 potentiostat developed using Python. The package comes with a built in simulator for software and hardware testing development.
28Java Shell CommandsJakub Kaszycki
Bored of entering all these commands, javac, java, javadoc? Test this!
30SelorJosué Silva Santos
MTA Selor is an open source mail server (SMTP). Written in C and Assembly, MTA Selor is small, fast, flexible and secure.
32API Search Engine for KeywordsDelma Woolhiser
This API search is useful creation and it helps in searching the queries by entering the keywords. The search query is categorized and optimum results are shown. A wide range of categories have been covered and it's really easy to use for users.
For more information log on to
33mooseDilawar Singh
MOOSE is the Multiscale Object-Oriented Simulation Environment.
It is designed to simulate neural systems ranging from subcellular components and biochemical reactions to complex models of single neurons, circuits, and large networks. MOOSE can operate at many levels of detail, from stochastic chemical computations, to multicompartment single-neuron models, to spiking neuron network models.

MOOSE is a simulation environment, not just a numerical engine. It provides the essentials by way of object-oriented representations of model concepts and fast numerical solvers, but its scope is much broader.
It has a scripting interface with Python, graphical displays with Matplotlib, PyQt, and OpenGL, and support for many model formats.
34TestJose Cazalilla
42Biblionalexandr ivanov
Набор отдельных небольших функций , в основном
работающих со списками и строками
45TestBounma P
49MOOSE Neural SimulatorDilawar Singh
MOOSE is designed to simulate neural systems ranging from biochemical signaling to complex models of single neurons, circuits, and large networks. A typical use case is to model neural activity-driven synaptic plasticity, in which network activity to synapses triggers biochemical reaction-diffusion events, which in turn modulate ion channels to give rise to synaptic plasticity.
50Adobe Glyph ListAnto Samalona
AGL (Adobe Glyph List) maps glyph names to Unicode values for the purpose of deriving content. AGLFN (Adobe Glyph List For New Fonts) is a subset of AGL that excludes the glyph names associated with the PUA (Private Use Area), and is meant to specify preferred glyph names for new fonts. Also included is the ITC Zapf Dingbats Glyph List, which is similar to AGL in that it maps glyph names to Unicode values for the purpose of deriving content, but only for the glyphs in the ITC Zapf Dingbats font.
51Adobe Glyph ListAnto Samalona
AGL (Adobe Glyph List) simply provides mappings from glyph names to Unicode scalar values.
4XChat: Only send /away to current channelJoey Smith
This is an xchat module to only send /away and /back to the window that has focus. This was written for #PHP on freenode, and is hereby released under the GPL. Note that your XChat will have to be made with Python support.
5A new strncpy: CPStrncpyManfred Rebentisch
This CPStrnpy() always copies a null at the end of the destination buffer and write only strlen(src) bytes, if the len is shorter than the given maximal size. So you get more performance. But destination buffer must have a size of n + 1.
6Merge Strings with CPStrDupArgManfred Rebentisch
CPStrDupArg copies all given strings inta a new one and returns it. For the returned string is memory allocated, free it with free(). The last argument must be a NULL.
myPath = CPStrDupArg(rootDir, "/", myDir, NULL);
27pkg-kde-git_mrconfigMartin Alfke
mrconfig for pkg-kde git repositories
15Quick shortcuts for different Emacs input methodsDanai Sae-Han
You can easily switch from one input method to another.

E.g. suppose you usually use PinYin with tones to write Chinese, but you don't remember the exact tone of a few characters. You could then try all tones, but you could also change to PinYin without tones.
Or suppose that you want to switch from Changjie (Tsangchi) to PinYin and vice versa.

Press F2 once to get Changjie, and press it once more to immediately switch to Chinese PinYin (traditional Chinese). Use C-\ to return to ASCII.
18Groovy regex-dna James Durbin 2007-11-24James Durbin
First Groovy submission for regex-dna benchmark.
20ssh-socks.pacPierre Neyron
Clever Proxy Automatic Configuration script for firefox/iceweasel, thunderbird/icedove, ... to manage http/https/imap/mailto/... connections thru various SSH socks proxies (ssh -D <port> ...)
28Simple TimerSamis Samis
A simple timer to use.
TODO:Make it accept the length as args
Note:Written for Python 3. for python 2, omit the brackets in the print line
33testRene Flottweg
3602_add_idle_val.patchCorcodel Marian
On idle_delay = 0 gnome_screensaver fail to lock.This patch
resolve this
37New rules on gnome-screensaverCorcodel Marian
On debian directory create one rules named rulesa
an run from terminal "dpkg-buildpackage -Rdebian/rulesa" for testing.
This patch create screensaver start file from all debian sessions.
Bellow is content of rulesa
38~/bin/jbuildJakub Kaszycki
The java build script.
39~/bin/jdocJakub Kaszycki
JavaDoc creator script.
Depends on lynx and ~/.project
46Code of selection sortChristian Sharif
Selection sort is very useful for all type of small data. This is one of the basic algorithms to sort data. It’s easy and simple code can make this sort more easy and simple.
I take help from Developer to help me by making this code more easy and simple so that everyone can easily implement them.
55Significance of C++ Programming LanguageBianca Veer
The actual name of C++ is C with Classes and Bjarne Stroustrup developed it in 1979. It is one of most important languages of software industry. A large number of functions are available in C++ such as pretense of main. cin.get() and hardware designing.

You can also get further details of C++ language and its functions at Arithmetic, comparison, logical operators, bit manipulation are some operators of C++ as well.
68Designing a Swing GUIMaris Hoopii
In java simple form the Spring Layout works fine for this simple form, but there is third party libraries that has more features.

if You are currently using a Grid Layout, which can be fine for your need.

However, you should initialize it with the actual number of rows and columns you will need.

Maris Hoopii - software engineer at
76Go binary-treeMikhail Vazhnov
Almost all other language benchmarks use APR pool or other specialized memory pool/allocator (like typed_arena::Arena in Rust). To optimize Go version I have added NodePool structure. On my PC improvement is more than 2x times.

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