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Snippets by category: HTML Manipulation

Snippet ID Title Creator
Packages Of Snippets
16Janiva LibraryJean Alfian
Janiva Library for html manipulation
1'Thread Next' bookmarklet for debian html mailing lists.Stefan Wasilewski
Clicks the [Thread Next] link on many html mailing list archives. Very useful for reading lists without having to scroll to top or bottom of page.
3MD5 in JSJoey Smith
This is an implementation of the MD5 algorithm in JS.
8rot13 (freeware)Valentin Hilbig
Freeware implementation of rot13 in JavaScript.
Example see
23daily comic stripAndreas Marschke
a simple shell script to get the latest comics of you favourite internet comics
34Janiva GalleryJean Alfian
Javascript for gallery
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