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13TestRene Flottweg
21grep within sourcesPierre Neyron
grep code line thru a source code file hierarchy, by avoiding .svn, *~, ... but keeping the nice colors of grep.

Add to .bashrc or source in you shell when useful.

See also ack-grep.
26Get packages linked against a binaryAndreas Marschke
This snippet reads all linked libraries for a binary and finds matching library-packages in your current package-cache as well as their version in a debian/control file friendly format.
30Search Engine Query Categorization APITweet Dynamics

This API can be used to find the topic of a keyword query. The topic for the query will be chosen from over 1500 predefined topics. This works best with query phrases like -
"Kobe Bryant Visit", "Dell Inspiron 1420 price"

This technology has been provided by Query Dynamics LLC (
This technology is being used to categorize tweets at a website called TweetDynamics (
57 AVL Tree program c++Cassie Tones
AVL Tree is a Binary Search Tree (BST), the keys of which meet standard requirements: a key of any tree node is not less than the key in the left subtree of the given node and not more than any key in the right subtree of this node.
Cassie Tones - coder at
62How to differentiate Interfaces & Abstract class in java?Margaretta Boye
Hello , i am learning Java for Android.So i was confused about differentiate Interfaces & Abstract class in java.Now have clear this difference & i tried to write clearly.

Abstract class and interface both are used to achieve abstraction where we can declare the abstract methods. Abstract class and interface both can't be instantiated.
Margaretta Boye - Developer at

Abstract class:
1) Abstract class can have abstract and non-abstract methods.
2) Abstract class doesn't support multiple inheritance.
3) Abstract class can have final, non-final, static and non-static variables.

1) Interface can have only abstract methods.
2) Interface supports multiple inheritance.
3) Interface has only static and final variables.
64A simple Bubble sort in c++ code Peggie Ydara
I have tried to implement A simple Bubble sort in c++ . With a bubble sort, it is always necessary to make one final "pass" through the array to check to see that no swaps are made to ensure that the process is finished.I am sure Hope this will be helpful.

Peggie Ydara - web-developer at

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