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14Easy Read OST File Freewaresanajy singh
Read OST File Freeware Tool to read OST to PST File and also recovers all OST mail messages such as calendar, task, notes, journal, folders etc and restores all email properties such as try demo version without charges before purchasing of our software. OST 2 PST Conversion tool is to convert unusable offline storage (.OST) file to usable personal storage (.PST) file.
2pattern-matchJens Seidel
This script checks for matching patterns in the specified file. It was written mainly to revise parenthesis, braces, brackets, ...

"([x])", "{\|x\||y|}", ... correct
"([x)]", "\|||", "{()", ... incorrect

You may want to add your favourite patterns according to the file type (LaTeX, HTML, ...).
7Get free disc space with a C-classManfred Rebentisch
With this C-'class' you get disc information.
It is an example, how to program with C using encapsulate methods. I think, using C-objects makes C-programming easier.
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