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11tux4kidsNalin Chhibber
12Packaging Castle Game Engine for DebianAbou Al Montacir

I'm willing to package Castle Game Engine for Debian.
I'd like to use the Alioth git service for that.

Castle Game Engine is a set of free libraries to allow developers producing a high quality 3D games based on FPC/Lazarus which I'm a co-maintainer.

For more information please refer to

Will this be possible please?

22AliothOneMichał Bień
The place where I'll put my prepared AliothOne.
41runescapeCarlos Donizete Froes
Set in a fantasy world of war, landscapes and sinister powers
44Osmose EmulatorCarlos Donizete Froes
Sega Master System and Game Gear console emulator
65 Bucket sort? How to implement in C++?Mechelle Gove
This is most easiet way to implement Bucket sort.One way is to go through the list and place each of the slip in a month-wise column. Then re-arrange inside the month column, the slips using some simple sort method.Mechelle Gove - Software developer at
66Bubble Sort C++ Janita Muster
This one is simplest code to run.The bubble sort is an easy algorithm to program, but it is slower than many other sorts. With a bubble sort.Must try it:
Janita Muster - Software Engineer at
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