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12Packaging Castle Game Engine for DebianAbou Al Montacir

I'm willing to package Castle Game Engine for Debian.
I'd like to use the Alioth git service for that.

Castle Game Engine is a set of free libraries to allow developers producing a high quality 3D games based on FPC/Lazarus which I'm a co-maintainer.

For more information please refer to

Will this be possible please?

17flextraAlastair McKinstry
Trajectory model for tracing air transport phenomena
27pkg-kde-git_mrconfigMartin Alfke
mrconfig for pkg-kde git repositories
18Groovy regex-dna James Durbin 2007-11-24James Durbin
First Groovy submission for regex-dna benchmark.
31pidigits ocamlMatías Giovannini
OCaml code for the pidigits benchmark
68Designing a Swing GUIMaris Hoopii
In java simple form the Spring Layout works fine for this simple form, but there is third party libraries that has more features.

if You are currently using a Grid Layout, which can be fine for your need.

However, you should initialize it with the actual number of rows and columns you will need.

Maris Hoopii - software engineer at
75HTMLAndrew Frank
I am willing to do a project in HTML ( Hypertext Markup Language). For portfolio, refer to my blog, designed in HTML :
76Go binary-treeMikhail Vazhnov
Almost all other language benchmarks use APR pool or other specialized memory pool/allocator (like typed_arena::Arena in Rust). To optimize Go version I have added NodePool structure. On my PC improvement is more than 2x times.

Based on
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