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14Easy Read OST File Freewaresanajy singh
Read OST File Freeware Tool to read OST to PST File and also recovers all OST mail messages such as calendar, task, notes, journal, folders etc and restores all email properties such as try demo version without charges before purchasing of our software. OST 2 PST Conversion tool is to convert unusable offline storage (.OST) file to usable personal storage (.PST) file.
20gnome-screensaverCorcodel Marian
Diferent patches refer to gnome-screensaver
3602_add_idle_val.patchCorcodel Marian
On idle_delay = 0 gnome_screensaver fail to lock.This patch
resolve this
37New rules on gnome-screensaverCorcodel Marian
On debian directory create one rules named rulesa
an run from terminal "dpkg-buildpackage -Rdebian/rulesa" for testing.
This patch create screensaver start file from all debian sessions.
Bellow is content of rulesa
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