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Snippets by language: Unix Shell

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22AliothOneMichał Bień
The place where I'll put my prepared AliothOne.
25Helper ulatencydCorcodel Marian
Help ulatencyd to unbreak shutdown process on systemd
28Java Shell CommandsJakub Kaszycki
Bored of entering all these commands, javac, java, javadoc? Test this!
2pattern-matchJens Seidel
This script checks for matching patterns in the specified file. It was written mainly to revise parenthesis, braces, brackets, ...

"([x])", "{\|x\||y|}", ... correct
"([x)]", "\|||", "{()", ... incorrect

You may want to add your favourite patterns according to the file type (LaTeX, HTML, ...).
14Mapping-script for ifupdown and WLanJohannes Zarl
This script uses iwlist to get a list of available wlans (identified by their ESSIDs) and chooses the one with the highest priority.
22privnetnatPierre Neyron
/etc/network/interface up-down command for setting up NAT automatically when an interface goes up.

iface usb0 inet static
up /etc/network/privnetnat/
down /etc/network/privnetnat/

21grep within sourcesPierre Neyron
grep code line thru a source code file hierarchy, by avoiding .svn, *~, ... but keeping the nice colors of grep.

Add to .bashrc or source in you shell when useful.

See also ack-grep.
23daily comic stripAndreas Marschke
a simple shell script to get the latest comics of you favourite internet comics
24vaStig Sandbeck Mathisen
varnishadm shell wrapper function. Adds a command "va", that connects to the admin port. If run without arguments, the help text is printed.
26Get packages linked against a binaryAndreas Marschke
This snippet reads all linked libraries for a binary and finds matching library-packages in your current package-cache as well as their version in a debian/control file friendly format.
38~/bin/jbuildJakub Kaszycki
The java build script.
39~/bin/jdocJakub Kaszycki
JavaDoc creator script.
Depends on lynx and ~/.project
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