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22AliothOneMichał Bień
The place where I'll put my prepared AliothOne.
2pattern-matchJens Seidel
This script checks for matching patterns in the specified file. It was written mainly to revise parenthesis, braces, brackets, ...

"([x])", "{\|x\||y|}", ... correct
"([x)]", "\|||", "{()", ... incorrect

You may want to add your favourite patterns according to the file type (LaTeX, HTML, ...).
14Mapping-script for ifupdown and WLanJohannes Zarl
This script uses iwlist to get a list of available wlans (identified by their ESSIDs) and chooses the one with the highest priority.
22privnetnatPierre Neyron
/etc/network/interface up-down command for setting up NAT automatically when an interface goes up.

iface usb0 inet static
up /etc/network/privnetnat/
down /etc/network/privnetnat/

21grep within sourcesPierre Neyron
grep code line thru a source code file hierarchy, by avoiding .svn, *~, ... but keeping the nice colors of grep.

Add to .bashrc or source in you shell when useful.

See also ack-grep.
23daily comic stripAndreas Marschke
a simple shell script to get the latest comics of you favourite internet comics
24vaStig Sandbeck Mathisen
varnishadm shell wrapper function. Adds a command "va", that connects to the admin port. If run without arguments, the help text is printed.
26Get packages linked against a binaryAndreas Marschke
This snippet reads all linked libraries for a binary and finds matching library-packages in your current package-cache as well as their version in a debian/control file friendly format.
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