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Search Engine Query Categorization API

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This API can be used to find the topic of a keyword query. The topic for the query will be chosen from over 1500 predefined topics. This works best with query phrases like -
"Kobe Bryant Visit", "Dell Inspiron 1420 price"

This technology has been provided by Query Dynamics LLC (
This technology is being used to categorize tweets at a website called TweetDynamics (

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561.12015-11-06 16:23Delma Woolhiser
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This API search is useful creation and it helps in searching the queries by entering the keywords. The search query is categorized and optimum results are shown. A wide range of categories have been covered and it's really easy to use for users. For more information and details, log on to

311.22012-01-08 18:18Tweet Dynamics

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To get the category for the query "Kobe Bryant Season" submit a GET request to - The following html code will be returned: <html><head><title>Parse Query</title></head><body><Answer>basketball player</Answer></body></html> The category of the query is within the "Answer" tags.

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