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Muscle applications - Smart card applications to use or manage one of the card supported by the Muscle plugins. Source code available from or svn://
Tags: muscle, smartcard

Activity Percentile: 21
Activity Ranking: 46
Registered: 2003-05-12 22:54

Muscle PCSC lite - Middleware to access a smart card using SCard API (PC/SC). Source code available from or svn://
Tags: PCSC, smartcard, C

Activity Percentile: 65
Activity Ranking: 21
Registered: 2003-05-04 15:32

Muscle plugins - Different plugins to be used with different smart cards. These plugins just provide an API. Look for Muscle card applications for usefull applications using the plugins. Source code at svn://
Tags: muscle, smartcard, security

Activity Percentile: 26
Activity Ranking: 43
Registered: 2003-05-12 22:47

python-pcsclite - PCSC lite is an I/O library for smart cards. This package provides Python bindings for the PCSC lite libaray, thus letting you write smart card applications in Python.
Tags: smartcard, muscle, python

Activity Percentile: 0
Activity Ranking: 0
Registered: 2014-05-08 12:12

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