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Blends C C++ CLI Debian Input system Japanese Language support OTR PCSC QA Remote X Server Based Computing accessibility android anonymity anti-censorship apt audio authentication automation backup benchmarks bioinformatics build build tool ca caching cd certificate changes cloud community compiler control cross crossbuild database deb debian debian arm port desktop docbook documentation education ejabberd embedded encryption enterprise games gfx gnome go golang google gtk gui hack hamradio hardware html http i18n intel java jdk jre jvm kernel l10n language ldap linux live man mentors mobile monitoring multiarch multimedia muscle n900 ncurses network offline openpgp openssl package package manager packages packaging packaging team performance perl php pictures pki po printing privacy programming language programming languages proxy public key python science security server sgml smartcard sound ssl storage subversion synthesizer system team text-mode toolchain tor translation video virtualisation web web pages web site webpages website wml x11 xbmc xml xmpp
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debian-flyers - Flyers and similar work for conferences, exhibitions, install shows and the like.
Tags: debian, web, webpages, web pages, website, web site

Activity Percentile: 0
Activity Ranking: 0
Registered: 2004-10-03 14:30

Debian website content - Maintenance of the Debian website. Members have commit access to the main website and can translate, update or add new information. Translators: Please get in touch with your language's translation coordinator (if any) before requesting access.
Tags: web, debian, website, web site, translation, webpages, web pages, wml

Activity Percentile: 100
Activity Ranking: 1
Registered: 2003-02-25 22:31

Debian website internals - Debian Webmasters. Debian Developers only. Translators and content writers: Please see the Debian website content project instead - .
Tags: web, debian, website, web site

Activity Percentile: 0
Activity Ranking: 0
Registered: 2003-02-25 22:31

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