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  2Muscle PCSC lite433841   
  4SANE - Scanner Access Now Easy332565   
  6Axel Download Accelerator102743   
  9Debian Root Software Raid Documentation77528   
  10MS Outlook Personal Folders converter67708   
  12Debian menu system53017   
  13Norwegian dictionaries51563   
  15Debian Initng packages38023   
  17Debian Russian l10n30604   
  19mount removable devices as normal user25532   
  23Linux Orinoco USB Driver15281   
  25Debian Package Viewer12285   
  27Muscle plugins11317   
  29ulog-acctd -- Network Accounting Daemon10138   
  30Muscle applications10110   
  32MPH Emacs Packages9680   
  33The Buildd Project9523   
  35Skolelinux Backup9193   
  36Diff application for semistructured data9004   
  37Custom Debian Distributions8469   
  38Experimental Psychology8177   
  39Offline APT Package Manager7573   
  40Advanced Autoconfiguration for Debian7220   
  42ejabberd LDAP shared roster module6762   
  43LILO Linux Bootloader6556   
  45qterm and some other debian packages5393   
  46DebConf video team software and config5200   
  47CipUX, LDAP administration tool5017   
  48BitTorrent Proxy for Debian Archive4510   
  50Nagios APT Plugin4175   
  51Introducing Debian GNU/Linux3777   
  52Discover Hardware Detection System3705   
  54Debian Enterprise Management Interface3564   
  56Tessa 3D-FDTD3303   
  59Colorblind - Accessibility Filter3203   
  60Over-featured inetd replacement3021   
  61Bug Triage and Forward2796   
  64Xen Virtualization System2299   
  65Debian Parrot Packages2244   
  68libgcrypt packaging1902   
  72Debian for the Asus Eee PC1547   
  75Sign key and mail it1457   
  76Debian Cyrus IMAPd packages1383   
  78Query Object Framework1346   
  79Turquoise SuperStat1330   
  80Debian i386-uclibc1324   
  81fortunes-fr - French fortunes cookies1284   
  82Lisaac: object prototype based language1189   
  84Ichthux - Christian Linux Distribution993   
  86Debian Perl Group930   
  87static multicast router daemon929   
  90Debian Ralink packages860   
  91Dependency Extraction/Processing System808   
  95Debian Package Popularity Contest639   
  96eGTK - Eiffel Wrapper for GTK606   
  97Music Librarian605   
  99X file and application manager544   
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