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Rank Project name Pageviews
  1Debian Port to AMD644007801   
  2ARCHIVE benchmarks game2303252   
  3Muscle PCSC lite1795542   
  6Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers1245173   
  8SANE - Scanner Access Now Easy913254   
  10Debian for the Asus Eee PC432204   
  12MS Outlook Personal Folders converter334174   
  13Common Lisp packaging317133   
  14Debian GNU/kFreeBSD port300034   
  17Projeto Debian-BR211285   
  18Site News Admin208535   
  19Debian GNOME Team201431   
  20Debian Live200340   
  22Debian Initng packages189900   
  23Axel Download Accelerator183374   
  24Constantly Usable Testing180735   
  25megahal - conversation simulator178798   
  26Site Admin164066   
  27Debian GNU/Hurd port163399   
  28Experimental Psychology141276   
  30Debian GIS Project136422   
  31Network UPS Tools134501   
  33Debian Root Software Raid Documentation119394   
  34Virtual Richard M. Stallman (vrms)110512   
  35Linux Orinoco USB Driver107912   
  37Offline APT Package Manager101121   
  40Debian Hebrew96842   
  41Debian Kernel Handbook96594   
  42Ubuntu backmerging team92685   
  43mount removable devices as normal user92180   
  44Bash Completion89046   
  45Debian Women88152   
  46Norwegian dictionaries87917   
  47Custom Debian Distributions86357   
  49Debian Russian l10n83181   
  50Debian Chinese Team81914   
  51Debian menu system81306   
  53Muscle plugins77138   
  54Debian Mono Group76474   
  55Debian BOINC Packages75289   
  56Debian Perl Group73619   
  57Debian Med73179   
  58The Buildd Project70210   
  59Muscle applications70081   
  61Skolelinux Backup65369   
  62LILO Linux Bootloader65095   
  63ulog-acctd -- Network Accounting Daemon64052   
  64MPH Emacs Packages63995   
  66Xen Virtualization System63169   
  68Advanced Autoconfiguration for Debian62833   
  70GNU Parted61644   
  72DWN translation project59263   
  75The Computer Language Benchmarks Game55707   
  76Debian Lex55623   
  77Nagios APT Plugin52841   
  79DebConf video team software and config51348   
  80Debian on FreeSmartphone.Org + Openmoko49970   
  83CJK Unifonts48826   
  85Tokyo Area Debian Meeting47656   
  86Tessa 3D-FDTD47492   
  87Debian Usability Research46545   
  88Sign key and mail it46390   
  89ISO Codes table and translation46273   
  92Lisaac: object prototype based language43308   
  93Debian Turkish Localization43102   
  95Introducing Debian GNU/Linux42446   
  98Debian Lirc40271   
  99static multicast router daemon39480   
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