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312874Canon PIXMA MX850 corrupt image when width not a multiple of 32* 2010-12-04 21:10NobodyDustin DeWeese2016-12-08 11:57Open
312882Unsupported Scanner Benq 5560* 2010-12-12 02:04René RebeZhongy Wang2015-11-16 02:15Open
312918ETIMEDOUT Error with Canon PIXMA MP830* 2011-01-08 16:05NobodyAndreas Moser2016-12-08 11:57Open
312963XSANE progarm color/1200dpi/over WIFI will RESET INKJET AMOUNT EPSON SX420W* 2011-01-30 13:24NobodyJoni-Pekka kurronen2011-01-30 13:35Open
312988Canoscan 8800f add button support* 2011-02-10 00:23NobodyDavid Channing2016-12-08 11:57Open
313016coolscan3 produces no scan output * 2011-02-23 09:16NobodyEd Hartouni2016-12-08 11:51Open
313025Lexmark X2500 info missing* 2011-03-02 19:15NobodyBrandon George2011-03-02 19:15Open
313030sane displays wrong scanner model* 2011-03-07 21:40NobodyJuergen Bausa2011-03-07 21:40Open
313032avision backend can't open named device* 2011-03-08 14:43René RebeBoris Stobbe2015-11-16 02:15Open
313058snapscan 1236s w/ transparency adapter outputs "sane_start: Error during device I/O "* 2011-03-24 18:04Oliver Schwartz Dimitris Karnoutsos2011-03-24 19:51Open
313066avision: ADF/Duplex fails on HP ScanJet 8250 after upgrade to firmware 1.06* 2011-03-30 20:34René RebeKlaus Klein2015-11-16 02:15Open
313070Unsupported scanner: Traveler TV 6500 SF* 2011-04-03 15:15NobodySándor Megyaszai2011-04-03 15:15Open
313071HP Scanjet 8270 (or 8250C) shows "Fehler 15" when scanning from ADF Front* 2011-04-05 09:19René RebeKarl-Heinz Fischbach2015-11-16 02:15Open
313077scanimage - no options --wait-for-button* 2011-04-10 22:05Nobodysavio msavio2011-11-20 03:04Open
313092Scanjet 8250 ADF Error 15* 2011-04-20 11:36René RebeIlias Daradimos2015-11-16 02:15Open
313116Canon CanoScan 4200F – chipset links changed* 2011-05-12 11:48NobodyYushin Washio2011-05-12 11:48Open
313119Scanner Unsupported: Oki MC361dn* 2011-05-18 18:53NobodyMick Bentley2011-05-18 18:53Open
313121Conflicting Info about MicroTek ScanMaker 4800* 2011-05-20 07:33NobodyRoger Davis2011-05-20 07:33Open
313134Missing Microtek ScanMaker s450* 2011-05-24 21:56NobodyLeandro Dutra2011-05-24 21:56Open
313145plustek OpticSlim 2600* 2011-05-27 07:07NobodyDenis Larka2011-05-27 07:07Open
313156sane-avision: patch to get AV610 working again* 2011-06-04 20:07René RebeRolf Würdemann2015-11-16 02:15Open
313174Xerox Documate 632 can perform basic scanning tasks* 2011-06-13 16:55René RebeRamiro Suárez2015-11-16 02:15Open
313184Filter sane products by support status* 2011-06-20 19:24NobodyThomas Weller2011-06-20 19:27Open
313201sane_start: Error during device I/O for BenQ/Acer 5000* 2011-07-02 18:35NobodyNoe Nieto2011-07-02 18:35Open
313236Scanning transparencies after OS upgrade* 2011-07-23 17:57NobodyBruno Burel2016-12-08 11:51Open
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