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301041Create documentation on scanner's working principle* 2004-11-13 20:49NobodyHenning Geinitz
300402microtek: compilation warnings* 2003-12-27 14:14NobodyHenning Geinitz
300437add chipset type to scanner search engine* 2004-01-10 17:20NobodyGerard Klaver
300524canon_pp: Config file parsing and timing bugs* 2004-02-23 16:34NobodyNobody
300165sanei_scsi: make sure that SCSI driver is loaded* 2003-09-11 14:56NobodyHenning Geinitz
300176sane-find-scanner: make output more flexible* 2003-09-11 15:18NobodyHenning Geinitz
300177Linking of external libraries* 2003-09-11 15:19NobodyHenning Geinitz
300832xcam: play button works as a snapshot button* 2004-06-25 13:55NobodyGerard Klaver
300193nec: don't use fgets* 2003-09-21 09:59NobodyHenning Geinitz
300194nec: check second argument of sanei_config_get_string* 2003-09-21 10:00NobodyHenning Geinitz
300195sharp: check second argument of sanei_config_get_string* 2003-09-21 10:02NobodyHenning Geinitz
300197sharp: don't use fgets* 2003-09-21 10:03NobodyHenning Geinitz
300144sanei docs: add docs for pio, pv8630 and wire* 2003-09-11 14:19NobodyHenning Geinitz
300156manual pages: check for html problems with broken links* 2003-09-11 14:37NobodyHenning Geinitz
313608epson2: entirely non-functional for GT-2500 (open of device failed or sane_start: Invalid argument)* 2012-04-12 20:55NobodyR Hamlin
303564Epson ALCX11 doesnt work in sane* 2006-06-17 11:55Karl Heinz Kremerruell
312387epson2 backend with RX700* 2010-03-07 17:08NobodyTony Chapman
313663Epson WorkForce 645 Document Feeder Error during device I/O* 2012-05-31 00:59NobodyWilliam Lightning
300496canon_pp: convert to use sanei_pp* 2004-02-02 21:40NobodyMatthew Duggan
313667sane-epson2: patch to support adf-duplex for 'request_extended_identity' type scanners* 2012-05-31 15:00NobodyJeff Rush
313035can't scan transparencies wider than 15cm with Epson V700 scanner* 2011-03-14 10:00NobodyDidier Derien
315361Samsung Xpress M2885FW restarts in the middle of the first page while scanning when scanning from ADF* 2016-05-03 20:06Alex BelkinGabor Pentek
313760IO-Error with network scanner ( Epson WP-4535-DWF ) * 2012-09-04 21:04NobodyDieter Balsen
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