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300572Epson Perfection 1640 ADF isnt working anymore in backends 1.0.13* 2004-03-18 22:06Karl Heinz KremerNobody
300587artec_eplus48u: UMax Astraslim SE using the Artec Eplus 48 driver returns only black images* 2004-03-24 20:30NobodyTill Kamppeter
300615gt68xx: calibration for CIS scanners doesn't work correctly sometimes* 2004-04-04 18:55NobodyHenning Geinitz
300657snapscan : IO error with 1212u* 2004-04-18 18:54Oliver Schwartz Nobody
300756snapscan: artifacts in scans with EPSON Perfection 1670 and hangups when previewing* 2004-05-30 08:15Oliver Schwartz Philipp Neubeck
300824coolscan2: LS-4000 subframe option does not work (with patch)* 2004-06-21 03:29NobodyNobody
300976gt68xx: Mustek BearPaw 2448 TA Plus strange motor sound* 2004-10-05 16:09NobodyHenning Geinitz
300977xscanimage: Save device settings + binary mode* 2004-10-06 13:32Karl Heinz KremerNobody
300987follow [#300977 ] xscanimage: Save device settings + binary mode* 2004-10-13 12:28Karl Heinz KremerNobody
300991microtek v0.13.1 w/ Polaroid SprintScan 35LE produces SCSI error* 2004-10-14 04:21NobodyNobody
301051Perfection 1670* 2004-11-24 10:43Oliver Schwartz Nobody
301084Snapscan with Acer 320U - bright red tint when scanning in color* 2004-12-16 01:08Oliver Schwartz Nobody
301085snapscan: support for benq 5150C* 2004-12-16 16:58Oliver Schwartz Benjamin Greiner
301090snapscan: Epson Perfection 1270 is recognized but doesn't scan* 2004-12-25 23:56Oliver Schwartz Nobody
301111snapscan: Color problem with Epson 1670 Photo* 2005-01-09 18:42Oliver Schwartz Nobody
301153Snapscan: Acer 3300u does not scan in lineart mode* 2005-02-02 08:48Oliver Schwartz Nobody
301198Trust Easywebscan 19200 images black* 2005-02-15 06:13NobodyNobody
301230snapscan: Benq4300 on Fedora 3 gives device I/O error* 2005-02-26 13:16Oliver Schwartz Nobody
301302canon_pp: possibly excessive CPU load during scanning* 2005-03-23 05:46NobodyNobody
301581epson: epkowa: gt-x700 / perfection 4870 backend error with libusb on linux 2.6* 2005-05-05 20:11Karl Heinz KremerNobody
301589canon_pp: seems to be broken in sane-1.0.15-12* 2005-05-06 22:33NobodyNobody
301698canon_pp: Error during device I/O with debug info* 2005-05-23 19:06NobodyNobody
301879sp15c - Fujitsu ScanPartner 600C - ADF always empty* 2005-07-04 06:09NobodyGregory C. Johnson
301924Memorex 48u (artec_eplus48u) has horizontal lines and non-aligned colors* 2005-07-16 21:26NobodyNobody
301977v4l: can only scan b/w pictures form an ov511 camera* 2005-07-30 07:43Nobody-----
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