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302146epson perfection photo 2450 doesn't work in ubuntu 5.04* 2005-09-07 18:16Karl Heinz KremerNobody
302332hp: reported size of scan area too small* 2005-10-08 08:11Peter KirchgessnerMattias Ellert
302400coolscan2: multiple samples per pixel (with patch)* 2005-10-21 16:03NobodyNobody
302412epson: Epson 2450 scanner doesn't work with libusb linux > 2.6.1* 2005-10-24 12:12Karl Heinz KremerNobody
302631plustek: Compaq S4 100 w/Plustek backend color 14 bit scan distorted/no color* 2005-12-03 06:33Gerhard JaegerNobody
302656lexmark a4-paper* 2005-12-06 06:20NobodyNobody
302686lexmark x1100 (x1150)* 2005-12-10 08:55NobodyNobody
303146snapscan: problem with epson perfection 3490 Photo * 2006-02-28 09:51Oliver Schwartz Nobody
303192canon_pp: scanner on parport1 detected, fails to continue* 2006-03-06 18:25NobodyAdri Verhoef
303285microtek: Please send the scanner inquiry log in its entirety to* 2006-03-26 21:01NobodyNobody
303308Plustek 0x0505: HP Scanjet 2100c - Blue vertical stripes near the right border* 2006-03-29 21:40Gerhard Jaegerkusa-guest
303321epson: setting of theshold changes nothing* 2006-04-02 21:53Karl Heinz KremerNobody
303356snapscan: Epson 3490 fails with I/O Error* 2006-04-12 14:30Oliver Schwartz Nobody
303366canon630u: Error with Canon FB630U* 2006-04-18 07:26NobodyNobody
303471Problems with snapscan with Benq 5000* 2006-05-23 07:33Oliver Schwartz Nobody
303493epson: Can't scan at 1200 dpi on a system with 768 Mb RAM* 2006-05-28 01:50Karl Heinz KremerNobody
303507Scanner Minolta Dimage Dual II (Avision) not working properly in Xsane* 2006-05-31 17:17René RebeNobody
303527genesys: corrupted image returned (CanoScan LiDE 60)* 2006-06-05 19:42NobodyNobody
303561Epson Perfection 3490 PHOTO freezes scanning negatives using translucency adapter* 2006-06-15 13:31Oliver Schwartz Nobody
303614lexmark: x1195 problem in 1.18* 2006-07-03 15:28NobodyNobody
303666microtek: Scanner inquiry log for Agfa StudioStar (never been tried before)* 2006-07-19 00:09NobodyBenoit Depreux
303707USB High Speed not working for Epson CX11N / MSI K8N Neo Platinum, BIOS 2.1* 2006-07-31 09:29Karl Heinz KremerNobody
303901microtek: SCSI Microtek Scanmaker E6 - Fehler während Geräte I/O* 2006-10-02 15:54NobodyNobody
303925Allow "| pipe" to be specified with --batch option* 2006-10-04 05:02NobodyNobody
303960Lexmark X1185 not working - loud noise* 2006-10-09 16:29NobodyNobody
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