[#313275] Template problem at /package/rfs/test

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[#313275] Template problem at /package/rfs/test

Submitted by:
Christoph Haas (haas)
Date Submitted:
2011-08-04 20:16
Date Closed:
2012-03-25 16:59
Assigned to:
Nobody (None)
Template problem at /package/rfs/test

Detailed description
HTML tags are escaped on this URL. Example from german page:

Ein RFS ist ein <i>Request-For-Sponsorship</i>.

The same error happens with the english version.

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Date: 2012-03-25 16:59
Sender: Nicolas Dandrimont

This has been fixed during the rewrite for the new BTS-based RFS workflow.

AFAICT localization is broken ­– It was before I arrived, it's not my fault!

I will open another ticket about this if one does not exist.

Thanks for your report,

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