[#314977] yellow band color distortion at low resolution scanning

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2015-02-19 09:58
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Gerhard Jaeger (gja-guest)
backends (drivers)
yellow band color distortion at low resolution scanning

Detailed description
On first preview scan with (dated) hp scanjet 2200c, (as plustek usb), scanimage 1.0.23 and/or xsane 0.998 everything seems o.k. (opensuse 13.1)
succesive scanning in high res (300 and up) looks o.k. too.

When doing a new preview scan or low res scan, wide yellow bands appear left and right. Yellow color is very strong on the sides and fade toward centerline of scan. ( High res scan after yellow preview is o.k.)

Is this a software bug and/or is the chip in the scanner itself going crazy ?
Has anyone seen such behaviour before ?
Unfortunately I cannot reset/reconnect the scanner only; xsane needs to be restarted as well, so no clear problem seperation.

On a side note, sometimes? 600 dpi does not work correctly when speedup sensor is on. steppermotor whines high pitch (fase 1) then goes on its way to do a scan (fase 2).
the scanned image is incorrect: shows what looks like as internal bar of the scanner from fase 1, but no usefull image from the scanned area from fase 2.

Allthough the scanner is old, and not worth lots of effort, it still might be a software bug, waiting to hit. ( i.e. it should not be there anyway)
Thanks in advance for any hints.

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