[#315184] pixma with Canon MX720 scans reverse upside-down with ADF Duplex

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2015-09-25 02:22
Submitted by:
Mark Chandler (mcl-guest)
Assigned to:
Rolf Bensch (roben-guest)
backends (drivers)
pixma with Canon MX720 scans reverse upside-down with ADF Duplex

Detailed description
Using SimpleScan to do a multipage scan, the reverse side of each page is scanned in upside-down. The Canon scangear s/w scans in each page right-side-up. Previous discussions on the mailing list for similar problems have indicated that this is something that is dealt with by the backend, not the frontend.

Effective workarounds are available: scangear; flip effected pages post-scan in SimpleScan.

Backend version is compiled from git as of 2015/09/24.

OS is Fedora 22 with version 1.0.14 of sane frontends, 0.999-17 of xsane, 3.16.2 of SimpleScan.

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Date: 2015-09-25 06:46
Sender: Rolf Bensch

How do you insert the pages into the document feeder? Top down or bottom down?
Date: 2015-09-25 08:36
Sender: Mark Chandler

Top of the page goes in first, face up.
Date: 2015-09-29 08:48
Sender: Rolf Bensch

I can imagine to implement a page flip function into the backend. I'd prefer a new option (checkbox in xsane) to enable page flip.

Just now I have no time to start this "project". I have other projects for the pixma backend on hold, which need similar library functions. I added this feature to my todo list.

Therefore I changed the group to "wishlist" and the resolution to "later".
Date: 2015-10-01 07:15
Sender: Mark Chandler

No worries, and thanks. I'll keep adding more information to this ticket, that I think might be relevant.

It seems that it's not always consistently scanning in the 2nd pages upside-down. Sometimes, I'll start a scan, and the first page will be upside-down, or possible rotated-90°, because the last scan was rotated that way.

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