[#315899] Canon DR-2580C is no more detected after sane update

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2017-12-05 11:16
Submitted by:
Martin Butter (martinb3333-guest)
Assigned to:
m. allan noah (kitno-guest)
backends (drivers)
Canon DR-2580C is no more detected after sane update

Detailed description
After I upgraded from Ubuntu 17.04 to 17.10 my Canon DR-2580C is no longer detected (I/O error). On 17.04 it worked. My second scanner (Canon 9000F) works with both 17.04 and 17.10.

To make sure that there is no other reason than sane, I did the following: I tried out the scanner with Live Ubuntu 16.04.3 (ie libsane 1.0.25+git20150528-1ubuntu2.16.04.1). It worked. Then I upgraded sane with the repo As soon as the new sane version was installed, the scanner was not detected any more.

Any hints how I could get DR-2580c back to work?


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Date: 2017-12-05 11:54
Sender: m. allan noah

Please run the following:

SANE_DEBUG_CANON_DR=35 scanimage > test.pnm 2>test.log

then attach test.log to this ticket.
Date: 2017-12-05 13:40
Sender: Martin Butter

Everytime I try to attach the log-file to this ticket, I get a "parameter missing" error from the ticket system. So I uploaded it to another server. I uploaded two log-files, where the first is just a shorter version, the second the complete file (190MB).
Date: 2017-12-05 14:30
Sender: m. allan noah

What I can see in those files looks reasonable. Can you send the last 500 lines of a full log instead? Maybe zip the file too?
Date: 2017-12-05 17:09
Sender: Martin Butter

Ok, I did a second test run, this time after a fresh boot, and now there is quite a short log file. The scanner did not pull a paper throuth:

As I did the first test.log the system was running for some time, and the paper was pulled. This corresponds with my experience under 17.10 so far: there were cases where the scanner was identified, but there was no proper outcome when I tried to scan.

I also cut out the last 500 lines from the first test.log, which is here:
Date: 2017-12-05 17:12
Sender: Martin Butter

This time my attachments were accepted, so you can find the logs I mentioned also into the attachments.

Attached Files:

Size Name Date By Download
20 KiBtest500.log2017-12-05 17:09martinb3333-guesttest500.log
16 KiBtest.log2017-12-05 17:09martinb3333-guesttest.log


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